Building Chromium for Mac (w/ XCode)

  1. Check your system for:
    • 64-bit Mac running 10.9+
    • XCode 7.3+ (posed problems for me on an older version): xcodebuild -version
    • The OS X 10.10 SDK: ls xcode-select -p/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs
    • Git 2.11.0 (optional: I say this because with macs, git comes preinstalled and is generally not the latest. For this, we’ll have another post soon.): git –version
  2. Install depot_tools [downloads in under 60s @ 900+ kbps]
    • depot_tools provides helpful tools for successful building and updation of Chromium: gn, ninja, fetch, rebase-update (for git), etc.
    • Clone depot_tools repo: git clone
    • For temporary task, add depot_tools to the end of your PATH: export PATH=$PATH:/Users/$USER/depot_tools
    • Permanently: vim .bash_profile -> # Setting PATH for depot_tools -> export PATH=$PATH:/Users/$USER/depot_tools.
  3. Get the code [downloads in just over 2h @ 900+ kbps]
    • mkdir chromium && cd chromium
    • fetch chromium [if this doesn’t work: you probably haven’t set the path right in the previous step. Check: echo $PATH]
    • cd src

Nothing tricky as yet. But our real challenge is debugging with XCode even if we can’t build with it. Terminal is fine for building.

CHECK step 6 before proceeding with step 4.

  1. Chromium uses Ninja as its main build tool along with a tool called GN to generate .ninja files. So GN assists the main build tool, i.e., Ninja. You can create any number of build directories with different configurations.
    • To create a build directory: gn gen out/Debug -> Here, Debug is our build directory - we can create as many as we want [why would we?]
    • We can also use certain conditions like is_debug = 0 for a release build, but we can come back to check the Google page for that.
  2. Build Chromium [~60m] - ninja -C out/Default chrome
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